Convenient Planning & CostingGet all the information you need from dozens of carriers to plan your shipments, from instant quotes and sailing schedules to historical pricing reports, and strike the balance between shipping cost and transit time based on your needs using the platform

Get instant shipping rates

Seamless Communication & CollaborationComplete booking and documentation online collaboratively with your team without the hassle of exchanging dozens of emails, calls, and messages by leveraging our digital platform and readily available customer support

Review and manage your bookings collaboratively

Digitized Workflow AutomationEliminate the stress of fetching information from multiple sources and coordinating with multiple intermediaries by letting our digital platform do all the heavy lifting

Coordinate in a timely and stress-free way with our automated backend

Real-Time Tracking & TracingTrack the status of your booking, documentation, and the entire shipping process from source to destination in real-time without having to make constant enquiries and follow-ups

Monitor shipments through multimodal tracking

Simplified Reporting & AnalyticsOrganize, view, and manage all your invoices on the Freightwalla platform for error- and hassle-free accounting and analysis processes

View all reports and invoices on a single platform

Privacy and Security

  • End-to-end SSL encryption

    End-to-end SSL encryption

  • Full control of your data

    Full control of your data

  • Secure AWS-powered cloud data storage

    Secure AWS-powered cloud data storage

  • Hourly data backups

    Hourly data backups