What’s in it for youTrading with India for international buyers gaining greater visibility and control over the freight management processes and foregoing the need for constant follow ups, hidden local charges, and the risk of buying substandard goods.

  • Pre-shipment cargo inspection

    Pre-shipment cargo inspection

  • Online documentation

    Online documentation

  • Real-time tracking with notifications

    Real-time tracking with notifications

Trade With Convenience

Reduce the man-hours spent on emailing, printing, and scanning documents

Minimize turnaround times for your customers by sharing instant rates without worrying about time zone differences

Eliminate hidden local charges and get the full breakdown of shipping costs

Buy With Confidence

Ensure the quality of goods before shipping through third-party cargo testing

Stay up-to-date on shipment status and pending actions without having to enquire and follow-up manually

Avoid delivery delays caused by non-compliant or erroneous paperwork

Solution to faulty cargo and tedious paperwork legal proceduresCase Study

"It took over two months of tedious paperwork and legal procedures to procure the cargo, by when Ramadan had already passed"

During the holy month of Ramadan, the demand for tamarind concentrate significantly peaks in Turkey. Mr. Ayman Baki, sees this as a golden — albeit a fleeting — opportunity and orders a large volume of tamarind concentrate from India. However, in (year) the tamarind concentrate shipment did not make it past the Turkish customs department as it contained more preservatives than the 0.2% limit as per Turkish regulations. It took over two months of tedious paperwork and other legal procedures to procure the cargo, by when Ramadan had already passed. This transaction led to a huge financial as well as reputational loss for Mr. Ayman Baki. He needed a trusted partner in India to prevent the same in the future.

Ayman Baki partnered with Freightwalla, given the reliability of our freight forwarding services and the convenience our digital platform offers. Freightwalla made the shipping process easier for Ayman Baki by enabling him to book freight, complete all the necessary documentation, and track his shipment from a single online platform. Freightwalla’s established network of partners also ensured that his transportation needs were taken care of. Most importantly for Ayman Baki, Freightwalla offered its Cargo quality assurance services before each shipment.

This is one among the many value-added services offered by Freightwalla apart from its core logistics offerings. Our cargo quality assurance services enable international buyers to get their cargo tested at the source, for quality and compliance with the import laws.

The buyers can opt for one of two methods of testing:

  1. Order/Container-specific quality testing of cargo (for smaller volumes)
  2. Randomized batch testing at the factory (for bulk volumes) By entrusting his freight forwarding processes to Freightwalla, Mr Ayman Baki is able to

maximize on opportunities from the upcoming Ramadan seasons with assured, timely delivery of goods that are of the promised quality, and fully compliant.

Present Scenario: COVID – 19

Due to the coronavirus situation, global trade is facing various challenges. The expectation is that there will be a lot of trade that doesn’t take place because global travel will be limited and buyers and sellers cannot meet and strike new deals, thereby affecting the trust factor among buyers.

The solution to this is to have a third-party doing cargo quality assurance before the shipment that gives the buyer comfort that the goods will be as per the expected/promised quality, and we at Freightwalla offer this solution for a hassle-free experience for our customers.

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