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    Instant freight quotes

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    Door-to-door service

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    24x7 live tracking

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Enabling transparency through end-to-end cargo trackingCase Study

"It is critical for Parksons to meet their client’s deadlines to avoid high inventory and storage costs"

Parksons is an India-based manufacturer of packaging solutions for brands across the globe. The highly reputed company produces packaging solutions for international supply chains in the FMCG and food & beverages sectors.

Evidently, it is imperative for a company like Parksons to plan and execute their shipments in sync with their customer’s manufacturing operations.

Any delay in the delivery of Parksons’ products can slow down their customer’s supply chain operations. This can lead to heavy financial losses to its customers and reputational damage to Parksons. Thus, it is critical for Parksons to meet their client’s delivery deadlines and thereby avoid high inventory and storage costs.

Additionally, Parksons needs to be informed of any unavoidable delays in shipping so that the clients are immediately notified and can make a plan of action . Partnering with Freightwalla is enabling Parksons to mitigate such risks, along with the added convenience of using Freightwalla’s full-stack digital platform.

Freightwalla’s dedicated customer support team helps Parksons book its freight using Maersk’s Spot booking service, offering them guaranteed loading on the desired date.

Furthermore, as a high priority partner for Maersk, Freightwalla helps Parksons ship its products on vessels that may have already been overbooked. As a result, Parkson’s is able to adhere to all its planned delivery schedules, even during the peak times.

In the case of any documentation errors, the Freightwalla team is always at hand to notify Parksons and get documentation issues resolved within an hour, instead of an entire day, which may happen whilst working with traditional Freight Forwarders. Similarly, when there are unavoidable delays, the Freightwalla team immediately notifies Parksons so that the client can quickly communicate the same to their customers and take corrective action. As a result, Parkson’s is not just able to prevent heavy financial losses but also maintain a healthy and transparent relationship with its customers by partnering with Freightwalla.