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"Driven by technology, we’re driving the freight industry forward"

Despite being among the most critical enablers of global trade and commerce, the international logistics industry has not seen much innovation or improvement for a long time now. Most shipping and logistics activities are handled using traditional and rudimentary methods that are not just time-consuming but also error-prone. As a result, companies that want to ship internationally are slowed down by lengthy quotation, documentation, and booking processes. They are also turned away by the lack of transparency in shipping activities and the complexity caused by the involvement of multiple intermediaries in the logistics process.

We at Freightwalla aim to reconcile the benefits of digitization with dedicated customer service for international shippers, by serving them as a digital forwarding partner. We’re a rapidly growing team of logistics experts and innovators reshaping international maritime logistics with some much-needed transparency, simplicity, and service excellence.

Our mission

To build a service that addresses the modern business needs of simplicity and transparency for shippers worldwide

When expertise meets convenience

Our leadership

Sanjay Bhatia
Bharat Thanvi
Punit Java
Shalin Shah
Jonas Mascarenhas
Shankarrao Arava

Our investors and advisors

Sasha Mirchandani
Sheel Tyle
Sailesh Bhatia

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